best cordless vacuum cleaner under 100

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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners under 100

The best cordless vacuum cleaner for home use is not the same as another to use in patios or outdoors.

There are vacuum cleaners so powerful that they can do anything. It is a temptation to put them to the test in the most difficult situations. You better not do it. You could even lose the warranty. The best cordless vacuum cleaner under 100 to collect ashes or liquids, the same as there are for use in workshops.

If you have a house in the country, even if you do work at home, be careful with the type of the best cordless vacuum cleaner you buy.


Cordless upright vacuum cleaners, robots, and sled vacuum cleaners are used to suck up the usual dirt in a house.

This includes carpet and floor dust, hair, lint, food scraps, and even sand or dirt that your kids bring in their shoes when they return from the park. Household vacuum cleaners are designed to move on normal house floors, whether they be tile, wood, or carpets and rugs. They are not for paved floors, or very rough.

Outside of these surfaces, they could be damaged, and in the best case excessive wear on the wheels or brush.


Are they worth vacuuming everything inside the house?

  • For example, if you do construction work, you should not use them to collect rubble, ash, or plaster.
  • If you have a fireplace, you shouldn’t vacuum the ashes with them either.
  • Nor should they be used if the floor is wet, or to collect liquids unless it is a specific model for that purpose.

For those cases, there are more versatile cordless vacuum cleaners, or at least specific for those tasks.


Noisy vacuum cleaner

Noise can limit vacuuming to certain hours

If you are very sensitive to noise, it is a factor that can make you discard some vacuum cleaners. No manufacturer is going to tell you that their cordless vacuum cleaner is too noisy. There are models that proclaim themselves silent, and whose noise exceeds 80 dB.

Noise can be a nuisance for your family, and it may be for your pet, (which ends up seeing the cordless vacuum cleaner as a threat that has crept into the house). A very noisy cordless vacuum cleaner can annoy the neighbors, and be a problem for the co-existence. We are already exposed to enough noise on a day-to-day basis to withstand it at home.


How to control the noise of the cordless vacuum cleaner into your life?


60 dB

Noise is not like other magnitudes, which increase or decrease proportionally.

For example, 2 kilos is twice the weight of 1 kg. However, going from 75 dB to 78 dB of noise makes the acoustic sensation you perceive double. 3 dB more is not a little more noise.

A maximum “acceptable” noise level would be 80 dB.

Going over 80 dB is not a problem if it is for specific moments. The bad thing would be to vacuum for 1 hour with that noise level.

It should be taken into account if the noise level of the cordless vacuum cleaner refers to when it works in normal mode, or at maximum power. In many cases, the manufacturer does not clarify it, and there may be some confusion.

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