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Best vacuum cleaners for vacuuming and cleaning carpets

Carpets and rugs are a haven for allergens. They hide the dust where dust mites live. In addition, when they are stained, they end up giving off odors.

Many pet or allergy vacuums are a good choice for cleaning carpets.

To keep them clean and shiny as the first day, you have several options:

  • A powerful vacuum cleaner – broom, sled, or robot.
  • A vacuum cleaner – that in addition to vacuuming, uses water to clean (such as those used for houses with pets or allergy sufferers).

We recommend hoover vacuum for vinyl plank floors, which will help you to get a clean and healthy environment.

Powerful Carpet Vacuums

In addition to power, it must have:

  • A good filtering system. Although it is not visible, carpets can accumulate a large amount of dust, capable of saturating the filters in a few minutes.
  • A bristle brush, which beat the carpet to lift the dust and thus be able to vacuum it
  • A smooth glide – keep the vacuum cleaner from getting stuck in the carpet and forcing you to overexert yourself.

Vacuuming a carpet is a much more difficult task for a vacuum cleaner than sweeping a hard floor. You have already seen which are the best in terms of power, filtering capacity, and brushes.

Special mention should be made of those that are not limited to vacuuming, but also “wash” the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Vacuums

If you have one or more rugs, and you intend to vacuum them thoroughly, it is the same as with large homes. Only the top-of-the-range models guarantee the results you expect.

Unless you are content to vacuum them superficially, it is worth investing in a good vacuum cleaner.

Which vacuum cleaners are best for vacuuming delicate floors?

If you have a very delicate floor, I don’t think you want to put it at risk with a cheap vacuum cleaner. You need a vacuum cleaner to “pet” it while you clean it.

What must be considered?

  • Wheels – they will slide on the floor, and they must be made of a soft material, such as rubber or silicone that does not scratch the floor, and that they do not block (!)
  • Brush – the best are the soft ones (made of microfibers) that also capture more and better the dust, which is the cause of the loss of shine of the floor.
  • Power – it has to be able to suck up the finest dust well, and not just the most visible lint or dirt.

Some vacuum cleaners have a mop function, which can be a good option to finish polishing a delicate floor.

As a hard floor specialist: Tineco Floor One S3 – Vacuum and scrub it in one go, even if something is spilled. The floor finishes brighter and the rooms smell clean.

In short, a vacuum cleaner is a tool, which must be adapted like any other utensil or device to a specific task.

So, buy these vacuum cleaners from Best Pick Vacuum.

About the author : bulldozedrink

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