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Brazilians don’t give up on a good barbecue on weekends we already know. But what many don’t know is that having some specific cooking accessories when preparing and serving meat makes all the difference.

Having at least one of the best Damascus knife set in your arsenal can create all the difference.

Much more than just a utensil used to cut meat, the knife works together with the barbecue, both before and after the cooked food. The texture and softness of the pieces depend a lot on the precision of the cut , which is why barbecue knives must be well chosen.

The choice of the part must be a work of accurate analysis, as it is from this that the entire complete kit must be prepared. But, before selecting, it is important to pay attention to some essential aspects that will delimit the use and capabilities of the appliance.

Thinking exactly about this need for decision criteria, Cutelaria Cimo has prepared a complete guide on the main characteristics to take into account when it comes to barbecue knife. So, are you ready?

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Best BBQ Knives: Start with the Blades

barbecue knife with roasted meat board

As we already know, barbecue knives are essential tools when preparing different types of meat, but that does not mean that they all work in the same way. Textures, cuts, preparations and even the type of cooking that will be applied to the meat can interfere with the knife model that will be used.

As the first step is to choose the blade, we’ll start with it. Considered one of the most important points, it is responsible for defining precise cuts in the most different types of barbecue meats , and also guarantees the reputation of those preparing them. When making your decision, it’s worth paying attention to the material your blade was forged from.

With stainless steel knives , you guarantee great resistance to rust and the dangers of corrosion, in addition to being super easy to handle, sharpen and clean. It is ideal for those just starting out in this art and its durability makes the piece a companion for many years.

As for the damask steel blades, precision is the highlight during their moments of use. Two different steels are brazed for its composition, and this mixture provides durability, elasticity and a unique performance for the utensil.

An extremely important factor when consuming damask steel knives is to seek information about their manufacturing process, since the best pieces in this category are the result of handcrafted manipulation.. And remember, this is an investment for you looking for a long-lasting item.

And what type of knife handle is ideal?

The handle is also an essential factor when deciding on your ideal Damascus knife set for bbq. Wit te Damascus knife the cut is performed with even more precision. Therefore, looking for a firm handle , with anatomical shape , quality material and non-slip is totally important for the safety of the barbecue.

Considered as the most traditional options on the market, wooden handles are usually the lightest and easiest to handle . It is an excellent alternative for those who still don’t have much practice with specialized Damascus knives, or don’t use the utensil so often.

Looking for a Damascus knife set with durability? The stainless steel Damascus knife set handles are the perfect models for this specificity. In addition to their aesthetic beauty, they are practical in terms of cleaning and also allow for simple handling. Rust is not a problem here either, as this type of material does not usually pose risks if placed in contact with water or other liquids.

Size and shape are also important.

barbecue knife top

Last but not least, we need to recognize that the size and shape of the Damascus knife also influence the choice. It is quite common to find barbecue knives with standardized dimensions, but some details can be an advantage when handling more specific cuts and meats.

One of the main novelties on the market is the Oiti Santoku knife , which offers a blade with a Japanese profile and a bold design to further improve the user experience for some activities. Its diagonal tip improves accuracy so it can be used for chopping and slicing larger pieces of meat and vegetables.

Still, there are models of different formats. Some are wider and more robust, while others are narrower and more discreet. Then, the decision is for the barbecue chef’s preference.

Only a true barbecue chef understands the importance of a good knife as an ally when roasting his meat. It guarantees texture and precision to the cut and further improves the experience of those preparing and tasting these delicacies.

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