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If you’ve come this far, no doubt, it’s because you love barbecue, after all, there’s nothing better than gathering family and friends around the barbecue to chat, have a good beer and of course eat well.

Best beef cuts to smoke, poultry, farofa, rice, breads, in short, anything goes to make a good barbecue and serve delicious dishes for those we love. So be sure to check out our tips for preparing the best barbecue!

5 tips to prepare the best barbecue

melhor corte de carne

Despite being a traditionally Brazilian meal, many still erre when preparing the beef cuts to smoke, or fail to reach that perfect flavor that they have tasted in several steakhouses.

That’s because it’s not enough to salt the meats and put them on the grills, you need to take care of the details to make sure they’re on the exact measure. In addition, it is essential to prepare them with great attention and affection.

Understand better than we’re talking about the following tips:

Tip 1: Separate the best cuts of meat

We all know that some cuts are tastier than others, so of course the choice of meat will make all the difference. Choose the best meat cuts for grilling

If you prefer bovine pieces, betting on picanha is always the best choice. But do not dispense with rump, contrafilé and filet mignon, which are options that will complement the barbecue.

If you want ham, carré, ham sausage and tenderloin are the best. oh! Wings and cushions of the wings are also very tasty. You can also make the best beef cuts to smoke.

Watch out for the quality! After all, it’s no use choosing the best cuts if they are not of good provenance. So always buy from the butchers you trust.

Tip 2: Count on special knives and BBQ accessories


Even choosing the best beef cut for bbq, a barbecue is not done without the right utensils. So have a good bbq knife. A respected churrasqueiro doesn’t work without a professional Damascus eef knife, okay?

A robust piece made of 420 stainless steel is ideal for achieving well-made cuts. The stainless steel 420 is the most suitable material for this type of equipment, because it has high durability, especially against rust.

good chair to keep your bbq utensil always sharp is indispensable. And to complete your kit, get a good stainless steel bbq handle and fork.

If you have any questions regarding the choice of knife, check out our top 5 BBQ knives.

Tip 3: how to season a grill- Preparation of meats that will go to the grills

The first point you should consider is the temperature of the meats. Frozen pieces are harder to slice and season, so if the meat you will serve is frozen, take it off a few hours before you start,

The most recommended is to buy fresh meats, always. But look at the look of best meat cuts for grilling while you’re still at the butcher shop. If they have too much blood, the tendency is for them to be more foresaw when baked.

After that, take the coarse salt or a mixture based on salt, lemon and fine herbs and season a grill. No exaggeration, okay? Excess salt also dries the meat.

For the most fibrous parts, it is possible to soften them using different ingredients. The softeners of specific meats are excellent, however, there are others that even give a differentiated flavor.

Marinating in lemon, baking soda or pineapple juice are some methods that are delicious. Try it out!

Tip 4: turn on the barbecue in advance

Lighting the barbecue for the less experienced adventurers can be a challenge.

Anyway, it’s important to light it in advance. So you don’t keep your guests waiting and the meats roast evenly.

Also check the amount of coal. It’s better to be left than missing, isn’t it?

Tip 5: Prepare side dishes that value your meats

Meat is the main course, no doubt. However, accompaniments are always welcome.

A recipe for special farofa, garlic bread, vinaigrette salad, mayonnaise are indispensable in a barbecue.

Special sauces also enhances the taste of meats, so invest in barbecue sauce, peppers, mustard and honey and what else you and your guests like.

The idea here is to innovate and surprise everyone who is present, so that they are well satisfied.


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