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The awning or car parking shade, in its many aesthetic forms and technical characteristics, has become part of our daily living environments, both residential and working, and also in places of relaxation such as holiday homes in tourist resorts and houses by the sea.

In fact, in the sunniest areas, by exploiting the functionality and practicality of the canopy awnings , and of the arm awnings , installed on doors and windows directly radiated by the sun, it is possible to obtain considerable energy savings in terms of air conditioning or heating, contributing to giving a pleasant touch of personality to the aesthetics of the property.

Shelter Tent | Car park shade Dubai always remaining in the field of awnings and parking shade says in order to obtain shaded spaces, it is possible to create side closures for external pergolas, with drop awnings, made of water – repellent acrylic fabric of various colors, or in soltis micro-perforated PVC, obtaining in addition to shade and privacy, also a natural ventilation effect.

In recent times, given the need to be able to have more and more large outdoor spaces protected from sun and rain, both at work and private level, the so-called “attic model” tent, which can also be made in fabric, is finding more and more approval. Water repellent acrylic or even PVC 680 gr. blackout is ideal for covering large terraces, or outdoor spaces for bars, pizzerias and ice cream parlors.
The field of tarpaulins is so broad that it embraces many fields, ranging from the business sector to the private sector, and from boating to leisure.

In the field of work it is possible to find references in vehicle covers in general, or specifically with screen-printed covers for trucks , and tarpaulin covers for fast-food, fairs and events .
In the private sector, awnings are used in pergola covers set up with refreshing wave bands , in many variations, both as colored curtains and as PVC curtains or as acrylic fabric curtains , and as manually operated curtains or as motorized curtains .

About the author : bulldozedrink

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